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0845 Numbers

With an 0845 number your customers can call you at a low rate anytime, anywhere in the UK.

Buying an 0845 number is easy!
Standard numbers NO CONNECTION FEE, just £4.99 rental a month and 10,000 inclusive minutes.

Or why not make your business stand out with a highly memorable, prestige Silver, Gold or Platinum number?
Only £14.99 monthly rental and 10,000 inclusive minutes.

Choose your category - find a number - click on it - pay online - it's yours!


12 month minimum term applies to all packages. Calls to mobiles will be charged at 9.95ppm with the exception of '3' where calls will be charged at 14.95ppm.


See what you get!

Yes we provide this service 0845 numbers give you a national and professional image 
Yes we provide this service Customer friendly & memorable numbers 
Yes we provide this service 10,000 inclusive landline minutes
Yes we provide this service Never pay for any incoming call charges when terminating to a UK fixed line
Yes we provide this service Your customers pay a low rate any time, anywhere in the UK

With Standard numbers:

Yes we provide this serviceAccess to our Advanced call control platform enabling you to make real-time changes to your call plans

With Silver, Gold and Platinum numbers:

Yes we provide this service FREE Voicemail with each number
Yes we provide this service FREE online Advanced Call Statistics tool with each number
Yes we provide this service FREE Mobile app to manage your calls on the move



  • Establish a strong national presence with memorable numbers that are cost effective for you and cheap to call from a landline. It's 'win win' both for you and your customers
  • 10,000 inclusive landline minutes so you'll almost never have to pay for any incoming call charges
  • Your customers pay less than 3.5p a minute any time from anywhere in the UK (dependent on provider)
  • Voicemail service now included*
  • FREE online Advanced Call Statistics* to help you track calls and enhance your marketing
  • FREE app* to manage your inbound numbers anytime, anywhere on your smart phone. Get access to all the main inbound call functions and reporting – great for making changes on the move or in a disaster recovery scenario
  • Keep your 0845 numbers for life and save money on stationery changes if you ever relocate

*with Platinum, Gold and Silver numbers


How does it work?

When people dial your 0845 number, calls are automatically and instantly redirected to a telephone number of your choice. This is commonly your existing landline number but can be a mobile phone number. When you choose your 0845 number we will ask you which number you would like it to be routed to. Your 0845 number is yours for life, so even if you relocate to new premises you simply change the destination number the day of the move for a hassle free relocation.


Advanced Call Statistics

Call stats When you buy a Platinum, Gold or Silver 0845 number we provide you with a free online Advanced Call Statistics service that can help you track calls and enhance your marketing. Online Call Statistics show you how many calls you answer (and miss!) plus when your busy periods are. These help you manage call handling better, improving your customer service. You can even download our free mobile app to manage your calls on the move.


Call Management

0845 numbers also come with access to Gamma's online Call Management service, which enables you to instantly manage your inbound calls and divert calls to different numbers. Call Management also gives you a Disaster Recovery solution that you can easily access and manage through the internet, anytime, anywhere.

With Call Management, you get

  • Call Routing that can be determined by time of day or day of week
  • Call Divert options for when the line is busy or there is no answer.

Upgrade to Pro and also get:

  • Date Routing which enables you to schedule weekends and bank holidays
  • Call Distribution so you can load balance your calls across teams or sites
  • Area Based Routing so you can tailor call routing according to your callers' number
  • Scalable Call Queuing to cope with busy periods
  • Auto Attendant which enables you to provide callers with menu options for call routing.

You can choose to upgrade at any time for just an extra £20.00 monthly by calling 0845 521 7500.

Optional Features

  • Call Recording for audit trails, compliance or training
  • Call Whisper - personalised call answering according to inbound numbers

For prices on these optional features, please call 0845 521 7500.


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